The Personal Internet where your intentions stay anonymous.

Internet of intentions, myHAVEN!

Welcome to myHAVEN, the internet of intentions! Our platform offers an unparalleled upgrade to your online experience, prioritizing your privacy, giving you complete control, and empowering you to make your own choices. With myHAVEN, your intentions anonymously align, so you can browse and engage with confidence, knowing that your personal information is not for sale.

  • Privacy.
  • Permission.
  • Choice!

Empower yourself and take control of your online experience with myHAVEN. 

Many online marketplaces have taken on the role of gatekeeper, offering valuable services in exchange for collecting and retaining your personal information.
However, we value protecting your identity above all else.

Suppression of Search Results

  • Search Results Suppressed  
    Shadow Banning
  • Cyber Crimes
    Selling Personal Data
  • Surveillance-ware
  • Data Harvesting
  • Identity Tracking  
  • Technocracies
    Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture

myHAVEN does not request any personally identifying information. 

myHAVEN's Mission

You can express your intentions genuinely without sacrificing your identity.

Our mission is freedom, where you can authentically express your intentions without compromising your identity. We understand that personally identifiable information (PII) can reveal a person's identity, so we do not collect, retain, or sell any PII such as names, phone numbers, or emails.

At myHAVEN, your intentions are all that we need to power the future of the web.

  • Privacy guards
    your freedoms!
  • Permission
    mutual trust.
  • Choice gives you
    control over your
    personal internet.

Web3 and Beyond!

Anonymous control of your intentions.

  • 1990
  • 2004
Web 1.0
Read Only
Global Network

Web 1.0 introduced us to a global network of servers that contained static, read-only content joined by hyperlinks. The content was mainly a source of information and research.

Web 2.0
Dynamic and Interactive

Web 2.0 involved the process of putting "us" into the web. It took us from a static web to a centrally controlled responsive web of user-generated content.

Web 3.0
Data Sovereignty

Web 3.0 provides data sovereignty by enabling direct, independent, seamless and anonymous user interaction without intermediaries, giving greater control to users.

Real intentions power the future of the web!

Your intentions draw relevant merchant alignments, not spam.

With myHAVEN, you can attract relevant merchant alignments based on your interests, without worrying about unwanted spam. We are transforming the economy from information-based to curation-focused, giving consumers control over their intentions. By sharing your precise interests, you can receive personalized alignments from trusted merchants.

myHAVEN is leading the way in a new era of the internet, where privacy, control, and choice are always a priority. With the platform, you can effortlessly manage your interests, preferences, and shopping experiences without giving up your personal information.

Curate your desires with ease and clarity: With myHAVEN, each intention stores images, a description, intent, and the price of the things that interest you, so you can easily organize, search, filter, share, and prioritize your intentions.

Explore and discover your intentions: With myHAVEN's portals, you can effortlessly explore and curate intentions across various industries and brands, allowing you to find products and services that perfectly align with your needs and desires.

Protect privacy: Your anonymous intentions are tracked by merchants, not your personal identifying information (PII). This eliminates the fear of misuse or sales of your information, providing you with ultimate privacy protection.

Always stay connected: Your intentions are always working for you, even when you're offline. They persistently broadcast your wants, needs, and interests, ensuring that you never miss out on products and services that align with your desires.

Intentionize your world!

A transformative leap toward forging a global intention economy.

Experience a private environment where anonymous intentions take precedence over identity, allowing you to freely express yourself on the web.

Discover and Connect with Relevant Offerings

Effortlessly intentionize goods and services for easy recall, sharing, and communication with merchants.

Effortlessly Recall and Retrieve Information

Organize and recall important information and search queries with ease.

Localize Your Intentions with Privacy in Mind

Take control of your location data and intentionize local experiences without being tracked.

Easily Organize and Share Your Interests with Others

Enhance your online experience by organizing, sharing, and memorializing your interests and intentions.

Direct and Secure Communication with Merchants

Directly communicate with merchants and influencers without unwanted texts, emails, ads, or spam.

Compare Prices and
Get Personalized Promotions

Compare pricing and value with a private shopping cart and receive personalized promotions and updates.

Attract Relevant Alignments with Your Intentions

Attract relevant alignments from merchants across the Web and filter what you want and don't want, to create a more personalized Web experience that matches your unique preferences and intentions.

Discover and Join Communities of
Like-Minded Individuals

Find and join communities of people who share similar interests and intentions as you, and connect with them to share experiences, knowledge, and resources.

Visualize Your Intentions Accross the Entire Web and Real World

Visualize your intentions, whether they are personal or professional, and receive personalized insights and alignments to help you stay informed and productive.


Your intentions can discretely align across the whole Internet.

With your permission, intentions attract the most relevant merchant alignments.

Exploring, recalling, and searching with alignments provides a better way to utilize the Internet and connect with others safely.

Alignments enable an intention economy without ads, spam, or surveillance.

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Portals Align To You!

Stay aligned to your favorite brands, merchants or influencers anonymously.

Public Portal

Intentionize your favorite brands and services with myHAVEN's public portal. Easily explore, organize, share, and align them with your web activity for a more personalized experience.

Advisor Portals

Opt-in to themed portals for enhanced discovery and involvement. Enjoy increased merchant attention and access, more relevant alignments, and the latest offerings and promotions.

Merchant Portals

Accept merchant invites to privately and anonymously view products, services and information. Member-only perks, promotions and exclusive alignments for a personalized and experience free of censorhip.

Friend Advisor

Privately and securely share intentions with family and friends. You can invite others to join and selectively share intentions without revealing identity. Helps better collaborate and organize thoughts, ideas, and activities.

Personal Advisor

Organize and manage personal intentions with this Advisor portal. Option to share with trusted individuals, functions like a personal diary with recall and reminders. Secure and anonymous way to manage personal information.

Healthcare Advisor

Improve doctor-patient communication and recall of relevant information with this Advisor portal. Allows anonymous management of medical intentions, improving experience before, during, and after office visits.

myHAVEN Sidebar Extension
myHAVEN Portals
Available on Chrome, Edge, and Brave Browsers.

Merchants Love Us

There is nothing like it!

Optimize Search Alignments!

Merchants can improve product discovery and access to consumers by aligning micro-catalogs with consumer intentions. Micro-catalogs store images, descriptions, prices, and metadata for optimized search, organization, and communication. Better than SEM / SEO.   

Boost Customer Loyalty!

Merchants can leverage myHAVEN portals to better understand and meet customer needs, leading to increased customer retention and loyalty. By exploring and curating product intentions across industries and brands, merchants can improve product alignment.

Discrete Marketing Strategy!

myHAVEN enables merchants to track customer intentions without collecting personal information, providing a discreet marketing approach. This helps merchants to better understand customer preferences and needs, leading to more effective marketing strategies.

Omni-channel Reach!

Product intentions persistently broadcast customer wants, needs, and interests, providing merchants with a comprehensive view of customer behavior. This leads to better omni-channel product alignment and increased sales, even when customers are offline.

Don’t risk losing your hard-won customer connections.

myHAVEN provides a direct-to-consumer connection.
Merchant alignments keep consumers engaged!.
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You can find us on the

App Store and Chrome Web Store

Manage Every Anonymous Intention from One

The myHAVEN app allows for anonymous intention management from one platform, offering consumers the ability to curate, organize, search, share, and communicate with merchants and trusted friends. The app provides merchants with a chance to improve customer access, service, and cost-effective, personalized marketing without invading privacy. With omni-channel features, merchants can engage customers virtually anywhere.

The Only Extension for Curating and Aligning Anonymous Intentions

The myHAVEN extension for consumers offers a centralized platform for curating and aligning anonymous intentions, with features for organizing, searching, sharing, and communicating percise interests and needs. The easy-to-use browser extension simplifies the online experience and enhances privacy.

For merchants, the myHAVEN extension streamlines marketing efforts by connecting with customers who have given permission to align offerings with their anonymous intentions. This leads to increased brand loyalty and engagement, without the need for costly SEM/SEO. The real-time alignment feature allows for an effective and mutually beneficial relationship between merchants and consumers.

Works on: Chrome, Edge, and Brave

Chrome Web Store

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