Download and Install Our Browser Extension

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store

    The first step to download our browser extension is to go to the Chrome Web Store. You can do this by visiting the link provided below on your computer.

    Please use one of the following browsers to visit the Chrome Web Store: Chrome, Edge, or Brave.
    myHAVEN Chrome Web Store

  2. Install and enable the extension

    After finding our extension in the search results, you can click on the "Add to Chrome" button to download and install the extension. Once the installation is complete, you can enable the extension by clicking on the "Add Extension" button.

    To make the myHAVEN extension visible in your browser menu please pin the extension after installing.

    Pin Extention

  3. Using the myHAVEN Extension

    To use the myHAVEN extension, simply click on the icon in your browser menu. From there, you can easily manage, personalize, and share your intentions anonymously, all while maintaining complete control over your personal data. If prompted to login or sign up, please do so.

    myHAVEN Sidebar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the extension free to download and use?
Yes, our extension is completely free to download and use.

Does the extension work on all browsers?
Our extension is designed to work with the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. and Brave!

How do I update the extension?
If there's an update available for our extension, you will see a notification in your browser. You can then click on the notification and follow the instructions to update the extension.

How do I uninstall the extension?
To uninstall our extension, you can go to your browser's extensions settings and find our extension in the list. Then, click on the "Remove" or "Uninstall" button next to our extension.

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